Monday, May 25, 2009

Early Morning Walk

Saturday morning I left early to explore the Centro area up the hill and to the southeast of where we are staying. La Parroquia is to San Miguel what Bear Mountain is to the Emigrant Wilderness. If I can see it, I know where I am and can get home! So, naturally, I passed through our garden gate and turned toward La Parroquia to start my walk.

The early morning light makes the 'colores' of the buildings glow.

Not many people out in El Plaza Principal this early. Three large buildings cover the blocks on the three sides of the square in front of La Parroquia, two have these beautiful arches and broad walkways. Later in the day vendors set up under the arches.

Another gorgeous window.

Now I'm starting up the hill. It's not too steep yet. This residence was flying the Mexican flag.

At the end of the regular cobblestone street there is a major cross street, and then up the stairs is the Cruz de Pueblo. The flags are just a fun decoration.

And here are the stairs. Just this evening I discovered on the map several other "stair streets".
They are designated by little ladders on the map. More to explore for another day!

It would be fun to see how the inside of these houses are designed to accommodate the hill.

A white house needs a purple door. When I get home to CA I am painting the white doors on my red house.....yellow!

Another residence. I spoke to a gal about my age taking the garbage down to the street. And can you image carrying the groceries back up?

More happy flags.

Whew! I made it to the top, but have to say this was the first time I actually felt the 6000 foot elevation. It's a pull up those stairs. At the very top of the street is a big white cross called 'The Cruz de Publeo'. The sun was too glarey behind it for a picture, so I will go back for a sunset.

A view of the City (and the electrical wires) on my way down.

These bells are on a building that I think houses the Institute Las Casas. From my limited Spanish the sign might have said primary to secondary school. Anyway, I loved the rustic look of the rock with the color of the paints.

Coming down to the main part of El Centro, streets are getting wider. I'm beginning to like the wires, but can you imagine maintaining this spider web of a distribution system?!?

And finally back to Calle Insurgentes. The neighborhood is beginning to feel like home! This cafe grill is paralell and open to the sidewalk, the Senorita always has something delicious grilling to temp people passing on the street.


  1. Great photos. Especially the beauty of the colors. Much better than the gentrified barrio in Tucson.

  2. I really like your shots of the windows,... especially the one with the three pots of geraniums. Everything is so interesting!


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