Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog Status Report

Here I am back with a HIGH SPEED internet connection and sorry to say I forgot the disk with the last several weeks of pics at home in CA! Rats! I intended to post the daily pics and do stories on several of the fun family gatherings we had. Alas, no pics, but Happy Birthday to Cindi, Oleta, Stephon, and Meda, from 12 to 50 to 96 to 100 years young!

What I do have is some fun pics of my roadtrip with Raney (in the new Roadtrek) back to TX that I will post after this.

My next stop is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We will have wi-fi!!! No cell service or data on my iPhone, that will be a bit of an adjustment. But you can reach me via usual email or on B's cell phone.

Oh, one last piece of business, while I really loved doing the Project 365 pics, there's no catching up now, so I am changing it to "Random". That way I can still post individual pics that don't really have a story!

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