Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project 365 Days 77 to 80 in Emeryville

Our hotel was just across the tracks from the Emeryville Amtrack Station. Pai loved watching the trains go by. It was surprisingly quiet in our room.

While Bernie was at work, we explored the neighborhood. A favorite adventure was the pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

Another day we went out to the Marina. The trail starts just west of I80 and goes all the way out to the end of a new fishing pier. Cool views of the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate and downtown SF.

There are gorgeous flowers blooming all over Emeryville. I loved these lupines.

The trail is on the bayside, the road is to the left and follows the marina side.

And many beautiful boats.


  1. i agree about the lupines,... a field of them with varied colors always gives me pleasure!

  2. Love the train picture, and of course the picture of "my boat!"


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