Sunday, February 8, 2009

Signs of spring........

A few days ago I saw a purple flag, and there are a couple trees around town beginning to bloom. Yes, the perfect reason for a walk down Congress, looking for more signs of spring.

This cabbage probably doesn't count as it's been there all winter.

Did you know Sweet Leaf Tea is made in Austin?

The fig tree didn't fare well through those couple very cold nights.

People out on the water don't count as a sign of spring, they row all winter. This is Bernie's boathouse.

BINGO! Sweet peas on the back fence at Jo's Coffee!

And these are blooming profusely, a happy perennial.

It was warm, overcast today, possible rain is forecast this week. More spring flowers!


  1. WOW,... flowers in bloom. Won't be happening here for another four months! Enjoy!

  2. We had our first sign of spring -- the jasmine shrub bloomed -- and then, whammy, a foot of snow! Your fig tree reminds me of the nostalgic Italians in the Chicago area who grew figs, completely burying them through the winter to protect them from freezing.


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