Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 Days 53 to 58

Project 365 Day 58 (February 27)

Primroses at Ironstone Winery.....

Project 365 Day 57 (February 26)

Fruit blossoms at Murray Farms near Bakersfield. The minute I opened the car door the fragrance of green grass and wildflowers let me know I was home in California!

Project 365 Day 56 (February 25)

Through the roof....

Project 365 Day 55 (February 24)

Tucson sunset after gelato.

Project 365 Day 54 (February 23)

Out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico is this a no frills campground with this roadrunner sign.

Project 365 Day 53 (February 22)

The western border of the Texas Hill Country starts at Junction. It's a small town with a couple fun shops, I usually stop at Conchos and Crosses for yummy homemade cinnamon roll and coffee. This trip it was Sunday morning, so I checked out the South Llano State Park about five miles south of town. The river is beautiful, many miles of trails and nice campground, but the most interesting thing is the closure of half the park for half the year for the turkeys during roosting season.

As expected my ATT aircard is less than reliable in the foothills. I'm planning to keep up my blogs entries but may not be posting everyday! The coffee shop and library ate good back-up options if I fall too far behind. Thanks for reading my adventures in Texas and looking forward to a beautiful spring in California!

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  1. great variety with your photos,... enjoying your 365 day project.


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