Monday, February 16, 2009

Marathon and Marimba

We went to watch the Austin Marathon Sunday morning. Friends of Bernie's were running the Half. U.S. Olympian Elva Dryer won the women's Half with a time of 1:15:38, that's just a little under 6 minute miles!

Dave running toward the turn down Congress and the finish line.

And Mel just short of the finish.

Bernie and Mel.

In solidarity with all those marathon runners, we walked home. From the Capital to Casita (for breakfast) on Lamar, it was just under 4 miles.

And then, after nap, it was Rattletree playing "marimba" at the Traditional Music Festival. Marimba is from Africa and it is most happy music you ever heard. Almost impossible not to get up and dance. Pai loved it! You can hear a sample here.

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