Saturday, February 14, 2009

KUT 90.5

My Valentine to you is KUT 90.5. It's the best NPR station and you can listen here on your computer. You don't have to be in Austin to listen to this great station!

I have KUT on my radio at home and in my car almost 24/7, I LOVE IT! All the usual NPR programing plus hours and hours created here in Austin.

Right now I am listening to "Twine Time" with Paul Ray. Playing is "Twilight Time". Isn't that cool? If it's tomorrow when you read this, you can still check out the whole 7 - 11 pm Valentine's play list here.

On Monday evening it's "Blue Monday" with Larry Monroe. Good thing I don't have a TV because I can't miss this program either!

Tuesday and Wednesday it's Jazz, again with Paul Ray. He is the best. All the hosts have fascinating stories about the music, artists, history, just every facet of all the different types of music.

Weekday mornings is Eklektikos with host John Aielli. It's a brand new world everyday, never know what might pop up on this program.

And then there Texas Music Matters and Jay Trachtenberg in the afternoons.

Saturday afternoon is Folkways. Today I heard a new to me singer, Brennen Leigh.

One last thing, often the hosts do LIVE performances and interviews with musicians who either live in Austin or are here for a show. They are absolutely fantastic!

I hope you might take a few minutes to listen to this wonderful radio station.

OK, I lied, just one more last thing......KUT is doing an outstanding series called "Where The Heart Is" about homeless people. You can read or listen to it here.

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