Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 Days 53 to 58

Project 365 Day 58 (February 27)

Primroses at Ironstone Winery.....

Project 365 Day 57 (February 26)

Fruit blossoms at Murray Farms near Bakersfield. The minute I opened the car door the fragrance of green grass and wildflowers let me know I was home in California!

Project 365 Day 56 (February 25)

Through the roof....

Project 365 Day 55 (February 24)

Tucson sunset after gelato.

Project 365 Day 54 (February 23)

Out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico is this a no frills campground with this roadrunner sign.

Project 365 Day 53 (February 22)

The western border of the Texas Hill Country starts at Junction. It's a small town with a couple fun shops, I usually stop at Conchos and Crosses for yummy homemade cinnamon roll and coffee. This trip it was Sunday morning, so I checked out the South Llano State Park about five miles south of town. The river is beautiful, many miles of trails and nice campground, but the most interesting thing is the closure of half the park for half the year for the turkeys during roosting season.

As expected my ATT aircard is less than reliable in the foothills. I'm planning to keep up my blogs entries but may not be posting everyday! The coffee shop and library ate good back-up options if I fall too far behind. Thanks for reading my adventures in Texas and looking forward to a beautiful spring in California!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wallpaper samples........

The ladies powder room at Half Price Books has really fun wall paper.

Project 365 Day 50

Six and Boomer

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Green and Orange

On the way to the parking garage Pai discovered the Palmer Events Center's very cool sign. She was mesmerized by the colors of the lights as the list of events scrolled by and completely unaware that she was transformed by each new wash of colored light.

Project 365 Day 47

For my friend Sandi in CA......

Marathon and Marimba

We went to watch the Austin Marathon Sunday morning. Friends of Bernie's were running the Half. U.S. Olympian Elva Dryer won the women's Half with a time of 1:15:38, that's just a little under 6 minute miles!

Dave running toward the turn down Congress and the finish line.

And Mel just short of the finish.

Bernie and Mel.

In solidarity with all those marathon runners, we walked home. From the Capital to Casita (for breakfast) on Lamar, it was just under 4 miles.

And then, after nap, it was Rattletree playing "marimba" at the Traditional Music Festival. Marimba is from Africa and it is most happy music you ever heard. Almost impossible not to get up and dance. Pai loved it! You can hear a sample here.

Project 365 Day 46

Near corner of Oltorf and Lamar....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

KUT 90.5

My Valentine to you is KUT 90.5. It's the best NPR station and you can listen here on your computer. You don't have to be in Austin to listen to this great station!

I have KUT on my radio at home and in my car almost 24/7, I LOVE IT! All the usual NPR programing plus hours and hours created here in Austin.

Right now I am listening to "Twine Time" with Paul Ray. Playing is "Twilight Time". Isn't that cool? If it's tomorrow when you read this, you can still check out the whole 7 - 11 pm Valentine's play list here.

On Monday evening it's "Blue Monday" with Larry Monroe. Good thing I don't have a TV because I can't miss this program either!

Tuesday and Wednesday it's Jazz, again with Paul Ray. He is the best. All the hosts have fascinating stories about the music, artists, history, just every facet of all the different types of music.

Weekday mornings is Eklektikos with host John Aielli. It's a brand new world everyday, never know what might pop up on this program.

And then there Texas Music Matters and Jay Trachtenberg in the afternoons.

Saturday afternoon is Folkways. Today I heard a new to me singer, Brennen Leigh.

One last thing, often the hosts do LIVE performances and interviews with musicians who either live in Austin or are here for a show. They are absolutely fantastic!

I hope you might take a few minutes to listen to this wonderful radio station.

OK, I lied, just one more last thing......KUT is doing an outstanding series called "Where The Heart Is" about homeless people. You can read or listen to it here.

Project 365 Day 45

2nd Street window.....

Project 365 Day 44

The big windows and patio of my condo face the west blessing me with beautiful sunsets.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eight cranes..... cranes that is.......

When B and M moved to Austin 6 or so years ago, I was fascinated by the cranes working on the new high rise buildings. Even thought the local paper says many projects are on hold, the area has not been without cranes in the skyline since. From the 1st street bridge I counted EIGHT cranes working on buildings in downtown.

The group of people in above shot are stopping for a drink of water that is provided every day at two locations by local running store, RunTex. It's really nice when it's hot! By the way the trail around Ladybird Lake is a 12 miles loop.

Soon the "temple of doom" will be blocked by even newer buildings.

Project 365 Day 43

Had a yummy chicken cabbage salad at "Leaf" on 2nd street.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 365 Day 41

There was just enough rain yesterday to increase the flow of Onion Creek to bring back the 'falls'. Possible sever thunder storms are forecast for later this afternoon.

Project 365 Day 40

Four blooms on one stem....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Signs of spring........

A few days ago I saw a purple flag, and there are a couple trees around town beginning to bloom. Yes, the perfect reason for a walk down Congress, looking for more signs of spring.

This cabbage probably doesn't count as it's been there all winter.

Did you know Sweet Leaf Tea is made in Austin?

The fig tree didn't fare well through those couple very cold nights.

People out on the water don't count as a sign of spring, they row all winter. This is Bernie's boathouse.

BINGO! Sweet peas on the back fence at Jo's Coffee!

And these are blooming profusely, a happy perennial.

It was warm, overcast today, possible rain is forecast this week. More spring flowers!

Project 365 Day 39

On the corner of Nellie and Congress.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Orchid Show

The Heart of Texas Orchid Society had a show at Zilker Botanical Gardens today. Two relatively small rooms were overflowing with stunning orchids! And almost as many people drooling over them.

Project 365 Day 38...

We came from Robin's Bootcamp to the show; sorry you are out of focus Bernie and Nic!

People were creative with their displays. I liked the ones with pictures frames.

And these with the Botanical Garden view out the window; too bad about the garbage can in the background.

No question why this was a first place, it was even more gorgeous in real life!

Bernie and cousin Nic both went home with beautiful orchids.

Project 365 Day 37

Twirly dress....