Monday, January 5, 2009

South Congress Sunday Walk

Early Sunday morning I walked several miles up and down and back and forth on South Congress. It was really cold (high 40s) and windy, I convinced myself that this would have been a balmy day in Chicago, perfect of a walk. (That reasoning didn't work for anybody else!)

South Austin prides itself on being a very cool and funky kind of place, there are many t-shirts and bumper stickers that read "Keep Austin Weird".

In Texas oaks often have very large horizonal limbs, often with "crutches" or other types of supports holding them up.

Hey Cupcake!

Lucy in Disguise is about as funky as it gets.

An early morning rooster gave me the eye at "The Turquoise Door" (exquisite items from Latin America).

A garage turned hamburger joint.

Amy's is the best on hot summer evenings. Try the Mexican vanilla!

But my favorite stop was at Jo's for a steamy latte and a "health" muffin that was way too good to live up to it's name.

Along with the cold was a heavy overcast resulting in many dim pictures that are not included in this post, another early Sunday morning walk must be planned soon to complete the tour.

Happy trails......


  1. That is my kind of walk, tho obviously Austin offers a lot more material to work with!

  2. I love the rooster! I would like to take that walk and end with a cup of something hot. Nice morning!


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