Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gulf Coast Adventure via RV Show

A funny thing happened on my way to the RV Show in Victoria, by happy serendipity I ended up at the Gulf Coast!

But back to the beginning. It's about two and a half hours from Austin to Victoria.
I had plenty of time to explore along the way. Driving into Cuero the first thing one sees is the spires of the Courthouse. It's just a couple blocks off the highway and absolutely gorgeous! You have never seen anything like the rock work.

Farther along I ran into this little post office. I think it might be the perfect opportunity for a retired post master to pick up a few hours. Are you listening in Moccasin?

Just to prove I really did go to the RV show, here is a shot of my favorite of the entire collection. The interior followed this groovy 50s theme with red, white, and chrome. Lucy would have been right at home.

OK, so after the RV Show we were discussing where to go for lunch when my friends happened to mention that they were going on to Port Lavaca after. Where's that I innocently ask? Just 20 minutes down the highway? well let's have lunch there! Sparkle lead the way in her jazzy red Chevy.

So this was my first time at the Gulf Coast. The weather was balmy. Right around 80 with a light breeze. On the way across town I saw several big gardens with winter vegetables in full bloom.

This local lady was fishing for "whiteing", I think. She caught a good one for dinner the night before, but this cast resulted in hooking the bottom . She was waiting for a "tsunami" from a passing ship to let it loose.

All along the beach are piles and piles of shells. We ended a lovely day with a long walk along the beach picking through the shells for treasures.


  1. I like the lighthouse,... do you know the name of it? It's the same design plan as the Middle Bay light in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

  2. ummm, I thought it was the Port Lavaca Lighthouse, but looked it up and it is actually the Halfmoom Reef Lighthouse!

  3. Ah, I could use a trip tothe Gulf about this time of the year! Wonderful courthouse and lighthouse, both.


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