Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enchanted Rock 2

This morning I didn't stop for any interesting side trips, antique stores, or photo opportunities, I drove straight to Enchanted Rock. And boy was I glad I did, it was a gorgeous day, almost chilly, but not for long hiking up the Rock.

There were several small vernal pools since we got a trace of rain this week. See the tiny bird on the right edge of the grass?

The water is crystal clear in the little pools.

These are slabs of rock just waiting to slide of the mountain. Good thing there's no earthquakes, or they would be at the bottom all ready.

Today I hiked up the Summit and around on top of the Rock. There are two other trails to explore. One that cuts through the middle of the park.

And the Loop Trail that circles the base of the mountain. It's four and a half miles so I will need to arrive earlier in the morning to do that one.

These kids were sprinting up the steepest parts of the mountain. I didn't get to see what they did with the skate board!

Last time I posted the lime green lichen. Here are orange and blue.

I love these plants. Maybe somebody who knows about southwestern flora can identify them!

Instead of driving through Fredricksburg I took the "back" roads home. Some ranches with open range, cattle guards, no fences along the road. It was very beautiful rolling country and very peaceful.

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  1. Diana, that is a place i know I would enjoy. Thanks for a great photo tour!


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