Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cabela's ! ? !

This afternoon I went out window shopping for RVs in Buda. There was an ad on the Net I wanted to see in real life. That was fun, and I went to a couple other places too. My surprise for the day was Cabela's! Having worked for many years with men who received their Cabela's catalogues in hardback I could not pass up the chance to check out a store.

I could see going in that this place was about the size of ten football fields.

This guy looked about as surprised to see me as I was to see him! A good portion of the store is a natural museum. There are all kinds of animals. AND an aquarium that I didn't even see until I was checking out.
This "stag" has a spread of 36". I have seen bucks this big years ago at Cherry Valley. (Don't know if stag is the correct term for this abnormal growth, but it was common usage). There were elk, bears, long horned sheep, even animals from Africa, just about anything you can imagine. People had clearly come here to see the animals, but also for the shopping. It was like Ikea for a different demographic.

In front of the store is a fabulous sculpture of an older man with a little boy on the front of his saddle. The sun was way bad for a good shot, so I will go back another day. In the mean time,
this is a teaser!


  1. Isn't Cabela's a lot of fun? I've been to several, and they are very nice to RVers. It's a lot fun to take pictures of the very accomodating animals, too!

  2. Now THAT's my kind of store, and my kind of goods. I detest shopping at Walmart, but Cabela's, Dicks, or Gander Mt. are great. (Of course so are Lowe's and JCPenny!) :)


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