Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We had intended to spend two days in Zion and two days in Bryce, but changed the plan because it was beautiful and the weather was so perfect at Zion that we decided to do a day trip only to Bryce, saving our last day for "The Narrows" hike at Zion.

At the entrance station to Bryce the ranger told us another group from Sonora had been through a few minutes before. Turns out P actually knew them! It's a small world.

Anyway, it was really cold when we arrived, low 30s and the wind was blowing! I dug out a scarf I planned to give to a homeless person and bundled up.

A hiker from Denmark took our picture. I was very grateful to the Dutch that day as the Dutch government had bailed out my retirement fund investment company that morning.

The Bryce Canyon is completely different from Zion. Here the road and main trails are around the rim of the canyon while at Zion they are on the Canyon floor.

So we decided the cold would not stop us and took off on the Rim Trail. That ribbon of sand through the trees is the Paria River.

Some of the upper rocks are white at both Zion and Bryce, this is because the rain over millions of years is leaching out the minerals that make the rocks red.

The Peak-a-Boo loop trail is a five mile loop that is at the top of my list for next year. We walked down just a few hundred yards to experience the Canyon. All the folks coming up were very so excited, even after hiking almost straight up for two miles. I walked with one couple from Kansas, they were headed home the next day, but not until they did the 8 mile Fairyland Loop!

This feature is called "Natural Bridge".

Our final stop for the day was appropriately at Sunset Point. Also for a half dozen tour buses full of European visitors. The view out over the Canyon is so overwhelming I didn't even notice all those people milling around.

Back to Zion to prepare for the "Narrows"!

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