Monday, September 29, 2008

Point Cabrillo

Sunday morning we visited the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Beautiful clear sky after the past two days of clouds and fog. The stairs to the light were closed to the public. Special tours are available once a month. Darn!

There are three cottages that were used by the "lighthouse keepers" and their families. One is a bed and breakfast type inn that would be a very fun stay. One is a restored family home. And the third is waiting for restoration. As a former "watershed keeper" I have a special place in my heart for lighthouse keepers!

The families were completely self-sufficient while assigned to a lighthouse. My family reading will remember a knife sharpener like this one at the ranch. It was a fun bicycle. Does anybody know the proper name?

There aren't many trees on the spit of land with the lighthouse. Maybe ten or so of these really, really old cypress. I love the bark and my little Elf doesn't have the wide angle lens to get the whole tree except at great distance.

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