Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pinecrest Kayak

On week-ends and most week-day afternoons in the summer Pinecrest is very busy, in the morning, sometimes even week-end mornings, it's a different story. Often it's just a handful of people fishing, hiking, or kayaking. That's when I plan my visits. First I hike around the lake,
four miles of gorgeous trail along the waterline. Then I do a loop around the lake in my kayak.

My boat rode perfectly on top of the RAV4. Once I got a routine, loading and unloading is easy.

The water is low as seen by the high water mark on this rock that is usually 20 feet or so out from the shore.

Not far beyond these mountains at the headwater of the lake is the Emigrant Wilderness. The thunder clouds were building in the backcountry.

While the water was almost like glass when I started out, my trip was cut short when the coulds and wind blew in from the west meeting those all ready in the mountains. I loaded up my boat and watched the weather until a few rain drops fell, then headed down the hill to home.

Next week I'm going camping for a couple days before snow flies!

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