Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Fish Camp"

Dolphin Island is a mix of permanent year round residents and summer "fish camps" on the Noyo River at Fort Bragg. The river is influenced by ocean tides. It's fun to watch the water flowing "up stream" as the tide comes in each morning. This week-end was a super high tide.

Dear friends, R and P, set up fish camp in the spring and tear down again each October. My September visit is often just as the weather is starting to change. This year on Friday we had a drizzly rain that didn't keep us inside and a lovely foggy morning on Saturday. Both nice changes from our drought stricken foothills!

Downstream from camp and before the harbor is a intriguing collection of boats in a salvage yard. Some of the old boats are still sea worthy and some are sitting on dry land. The "Anita" is picture perfect even on dry land.

The "Fort Bragg" is floating in the water, but I can't imagine it on the ocean.

We kayaked along the fishing boats in the harbor. Sometimes a seal will swim along side for company. J went all the way to the ocean. P and J headed the other direction up the river.

The marinas are usually full of beautiful boats, but many have been pulled this year due to the closing of the salmon and "bottom" fishing seasons. It's been a hard summer for the local economy.

Several interesting restorations are in progress at Dolphin Island, including this 1968 Airstream. The owner plans to be full-time in it by next year at this time.

And the "Linmar" will be a floating bed and breakfast along the Washington coast when restoration is complete.

Here's a shot of R and J returning rented kayaks to the harbor.

There's often something fun or interesting going on at fish camp. These "spiders in butter" were a remnant of the past week-end's shenanigans.

Campfires are the best in recycled automatic washer tubs.

And the camp mascot is a precious gray and white seal who suns herself on a rock each afternoon as the tide goes back out to sea.

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  1. Great photos,...and i especially love the seal on the rock,.. what a fascinating mascot to watch perform! Also,.. don't you wish those old boats could talk and tell the stories of what they've seen and done?


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