Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fahey Cabin

West of Long Barn on Forest Road 3N01 the Fahey cow camp was partially restored by the Forest Service in 2005. The the cabin is at the left, barn in the middle, and bunkhouse on the right. In a previous life I was lucky enough to spend a couple summers here. This afternoon visit was so peaceful, and a nice change from the truck traffic at home.

Here is a link to a brief history of the Fahey cow camp.

The original siding is still on the gable end of the cabin.

Most of the corrals are tumbling down. A portion of the rail fence is still standing.

The purpose of these changes is a mystery to me.

Our horses had the run of this meadow at night. They liked to graze at the far end early in the morning before a long day riding the range.

There was just a hint of fall color in the Aspens.


  1. these kind of places are always so interesting. Good photos!

  2. I was lucky enough to spend the first few years of my life there...my first baths were in the sink, my dad & uncle replaced the shake roof on the barn by hand & axe.It feels kinda weird to see it as such a public "historic landmark"when to me it was just home.


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