Friday, August 1, 2008

Smithville was designed for walking.......(and bikes!)

My new favorite walking town in Texas is Smithville. It's not quite an hour east of Austin on Highway 71, just a few miles past Bastrop. Driving through the pines is beautiful between Bastrop and Smithville; closer to town are ranches with green pastures (no irrigation?).

Today I walked from one end of Main Street to the other; it wasn't too busy; about every third building was occupied, mostly antique stores.

This random tile floor is currently in an antique store that was originally a drug store.

The residential streets off Main were perfect for walking (or biking) many miles.

Besides a great fence, these folks had a super garden.

Pretty rocking horse.

The only place I could find for food was a deli in a converted gas station, complete with pump in the dining room.

At the Visitor's Center I noticed a couple three wheel bikes with big baskets on the back. Turns out they aren't for rent, they are for visitors to borrow! That's exactly what I will do the next time I go to Smithville.

Happy Trails.........


  1. I love old towns like smitville. They are movie sets for day gone by. thanks, Mark

  2. Great observations of a walk! Kudos!


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