Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Caldwell County courthouse in Lockhart is a marvel. My Canon Elf couldn't do it justice. An online search will bring up many gorgeous images. Some at night. Coming down 183 the clock tower was the first thing I saw coming into town.

At one time, it was not doubt the center of town, now it's the center of the Historical District. Still the best part of town for me. Again, the the majority of antique stores were closed in the middle of the week.
Inside it's much like the Tuolumne County courthouse, beautiful stairways to the third floor. They were able to figure out how to add an elevator without disturbing the integrity of the building.
Parked in front of Smitty's Market (in one parking place!).

Those chains are holding up the porch roof!

Lockhart could NOT let Bastrop outdo them in the jail department. Now it's a museum.

The back door of Smitty's Market reminded me of Barendregts in Jamestown. Much to my surprise Smitty's is a barbecue, NOT a grocery. AND the fire is roaring on the floor inside the back door! Ms. Smooth walked in just like she expected this and ordered brisket. Yikes the meat is served on a big piece of waxed brown paper, with a knife, and two pieces of white (REALLY white) bread, NO FORK! The long tables in the front were filled with locals at lunch time.
I didn't take any pictures inside, it felt disrespectful, kind of like being in a church.

Wendy in a cute shop in the Historical District send me to Raney's Quilt shop just north of town on Highway 183. (You really need to know it's there, no signs on the highway).

Every room in the old ranch house was filled to the rafters with fabric.

Lockhart was fun. Another visit will be planned to have lunch at Black's Barbecue (the oldest in Texas), but I can't imagine it will compare to Smitty's.

Happy trails......

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  1. that's interesting about the courthouse! I'm always fascinated with architecture. And the fabric piled in the bathroom! Gotta grin!


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