Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kayak carrier.....

Yay! I finally found a workable solution to carry my boat on top of my car. Von at "Backwoods" in Bee Cave was really helpful, to the point of INSTALLING it on my car!!!! Unfortunately, Backwoods outdoor stores can only be found along the Highway 35 corridor in Texas, none on the West Coast.

A close look at the picture will reveal the telescoping bar on the back of the car, it extends almost
18" and has a padded roller. This is the trick for me to get the boat on top of car, it won't be necessary to lift the whole weight over my head, just one end on the roller and then push it rest of the way.

Happy trails......


  1. Hi
    Great read! The carrier looks good. To Pinecrest as soon as you get home. Auntie mised last trip. Loved the towns. L

  2. ahhhh,... a roller! Now I think maybe I can get a kayak,.. I won't have to lift. Great shot of the roof rack and how it works.


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